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Your first question is probably “What in the world is a TRANQUIL parent?” To be honest, it’s a parent that does everything that he/she can do to remain calm in the everyday chaos that loving children bring to your new life.  It sounds a lot easier then it is.  If you’re not a parent simply ask your parents or a friend of yours with children how exhausting raising children is.  I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t have at least one or two stories of late night, hissy fits or outright obnoxiousness. Are you worried about your inability to become a trangquil parent? We highly suggest you start by taking this depression test to see if you have any existing depression, anxiety or concerns that could prevent you from becoming fully tranquil.

The Tranquil Parents Guide To An Easier Life.

I wish it was as simple as following the below suggestions to make parenting “easy”.  However, over the years, my husband and I have found several resources that have allowed our lives to be just a tad bit more efficient or easier – despite our annual gettaway at mn island view.  On to the resources:

Coborns Delivers

This was one of our best finds.  It allows us to shop online for our groceries and they deliver the food directly to our door.  Not only does this save us time but also saves us money.  Yes each item is just a bit more expensive but it really cuts down on impulse purchases.  Our family simply determines our week’s worth of meals and we go on and place the order.  It’s really as simple as that.

Online Education vs Classroom Education

We’ve both taken online classes to further our education and skillset.  It’s amazing how much money and time it takes to go to a traditional classroom setting to further your education.  Jacki for instance is in insurance sales and received all of her training online.  Yes, she did have to go into a classroom for her certification but that was just one time.  Otherwise she was able to offer free insurance quotes in Burlington county completely online. It saved us a lot of money and time which we could dedicate to our family.


In our family we try to cut out as much TV as possible.  However, in order to maintain our tranquility we realize that it’s not always possible to enforce a zero TV policy which is why we take full control of what our children do watch.  In this instance we use both the instant streaming and movies shipped to our door.  This allows us to save on the cost of cable TV and still maintain control over what our children watch.  Talk about tranquility!

Free Music

OK. You probably think this list is getting pretty crazy now huh? Hear me out.  Pandora offers you a resource to listen to music that suits both the needs of your spouse, your children and yourself.  Pandora.com runs on most phones, computers and even some TVs allow you to hook up to them through wireless internet.  Our family uses it to play some light music in our household within the background.  We find that this helps us stay mello and in general just be a little less stressed out during the day.


Those are just a few helpful tips we can provide you to become a tranquil parent yourself. We of course would appreciate it if you bookmarked this website and came back time to time.  We’ll try to add additional stress relieving tips and other stories about how we maintain our low stress parenting lifestyle. resource: cheap insurance for teens in baltimore


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